Cross Cultural Relationships and Family Acceptance

Humans naturally find companionship and relationships wherever they might exist. Unfortunately when it comes to relationships of different races and cultures things can get difficult. As a white male, and being a track star in high school and college, I often dated other athletes, and the girls track team, or in college the women’s track team always had lots of potential for relationships. One thing I found interesting was all the different cultures that were involved, people from every single culture in our great melting pot.

Unfortunately, I learned some other lessons. Just because you might have something in common with another athlete, doesn’t mean your cultures will mix properly. I often found that I was not readily accepted by some of these other cultures when I went to meet their families, well not always at first that is. A few times I had my feelings hurt, but then I kind of understood, because I suppose there were certain challenges within my own family with getting serious while dating or developing a relationship with someone of a very different culture.

Nevertheless, I can tell you this, there is so much to be learned by sharing other people’s culture, and one of the best ways to do that is in a cross-cultural relationship. If you will sit back and understand where the tensions come from and the history that creates these fears and unknowns, you should be able to rise above it all. It’s going to take some work, some understanding, and perhaps a little philosophy on top of that. But if you can look beyond that, you will set at ease the families of whomever you are dating.

You see, we live in a society and a country which promotes the great melting pot. However if we refuse to follow that tradition and continually put up barriers between us then we are merely living in hypocrisy. And that’s no way to live, so when it comes to cross-cultural relationships you must work on Family Acceptance, and not become too disturbed if you are unwelcome or unaccepted. It’s important that you do the best you can, but some barriers will not be crossed or breached, at least not this time, perhaps in the future.

It’s most important to not take it personally and understand where everyone else is coming from. Sometimes there could be hurtful feelings, upset parents, and you can cause a rift between whomever you are having a relationship with, and their own family long after you are no longer dating. So remember, it’s serious, but something you have to deal with, and they’ll have to deal with, and perseverance will win. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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