Dating Tips – Dating Secrets About Women Men Don’t Know

Thousands of dating tips and articles are cluttered across the web. Almost all those dating tips and articles suggest several different ways and methods to get a date and do’s and don’ts of dating. But dating is not only about do’s or don’ts it’s rather much more than that. There are several dating secrets about women men do not know and have always been oblivious to. Read on to find out some of the biggest dating secrets men don’t know about women.

Nice men are good daters- This is one of the biggest dating misconception. Nice men are always known to finish last no matter how hard they try. This is belief many men carry with themselves thinking they might score a date being nice. This is one of the worst dating belief promoted and passed on through ages. Women prefer men who are good at the dating game and know how to play it.

Ugly men never get dates- Another dating secret most men are oblivious to. You do not have to look like tom cruise to get a date. It’s much more than just mere looks and physical aspect. Dating has to do more with the person’s overall personality than mere looks. Therefore ugly guys do get dates and not so good looking people have been known to score with exceptionally gorgeous women as well in the dating game.

Dating labor- Most men think it takes a lot of effort and time to get a date. This is another dating secret which is not known to men. You need to be a smart dater instead of being a hard working dater. The only way you can succeed in the dating game is by the proper usage of your brain not brawn.

Women are hard to find- This is another dating myth which is carried by most men who can’t find a date. Well if you look around properly you would be amazed to discover that there are more single women looking to date than you can possibly imagine. But women are selective in the dating game. They only choose the best of the lot for dating no matter what. So if you think there is a deficiency of women on this planet than you certainly belong to the weaker lot which women do not prefer in the dating game.

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