Day Trading at Starbucks on Your iPhone 4S – Is That Really Working?

The other day, I was at Starbucks and someone had one of those new Apple iPhone 4S smart phones, and they were busy doing day trading. It was rather interesting to watch them, and listen to what they were saying. They were wearing a little headphone type situation, with a little microphone, all attached to their ear. And they would give the letters for the name of the stock, the amount of shares, and then they would say “Buy” and then; “Submit” – and I started laughing. The individual looked at me, made another trade, and then explained what he was doing.

He said; “I guess this looks pretty funny doesn’t it? I’m trading stocks on my phone, and I’m using the voice features of Siri, on my iPhone 4S to do it.” He also told me that he admitted that he hadn’t done this before, but he wanted to try it, because he doesn’t like being stuck at home trading on his laptop during the day. Yes, the newfound freedom of day trading on your Apple iPhone does sound intriguing, but it also sounds a little bit too easy, and too easy to make a mistake.

In fact, he wasn’t sold on the idea either, even though he made 4 or 5 trades while I was sitting there. They were trades he had already thought about, researched, and was going to make anyway, but I still wondered if this was a viable method for day trading. Since it is possible, it makes sense that someone could do this at work on their lunch break, or they could take their Apple iPhone on a trip with them while traveling, and watch the stock market, and make trades that they may need to make due to the changing circumstances of the stock market or the performance of a given company.

The reality is it does work, and it can be done, and this gentleman proved it to me with his own experiment that day at Starbucks. I asked him if he made any money, and he said he won’t know until he sells those stocks, he was just buying stocks that day, and not selling any, so he didn’t realize a profit. Which I suppose is a good thing, because if he told me he made five or $10,000 on trades while I was sitting there talking to him, I would’ve asked him to buy me a free Frappachino. Anyway, I hope you will please consider all this, and realize the value of this mobile technology as we head off into the future.

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