Debt Consolidation Plan – Your Easy Way Out of Debt

Finding an efficient way to payoff excessive debt is always challenging. An easy way to reduce payments immediately is to use a debt consolidation plan. In addition, these plans also retire debts quicker than making regular payments under the original terms required under most credit card agreements and revolving charge accounts.

Debt management plans aggregate unsecured credit into a single account. Once combined, debtors make one monthly payment that is disbursed proportionally by a plan manager to all included creditors. Savings result from agreements reached with each creditor that reduce monthly payments. In typical situations, savings result from reductions in interest rates and waivers of all or a portion of late payments accumulated in the past. In exchange for these agreements, debtors forego future charge privileges. Debt management plans typically reduce monthly payments up to 20% and include the added benefit of repaying all principal in less time.

Debt settlement plans operate similarly yet produce greater savings. In these plans, principal is reduced based on the unique financial situation presented by each debtor. Necessarily, the manager of a settlement plan must spend more time becoming familiar with each client’s income and expenses. The fee charge to clients who participate in settlement plans is also correspondingly higher. Nevertheless, monthly payments are frequently reduced by 40% up to 60%. The higher fee is easily justified by greater savings yet also has a more sever impact on FICO scores.

Both types of plans have an initial adverse impact on credit reports. Settlement plans have a slightly more adverse impact because of the reduction of principal. Typically, a debtor who participates in a settlement plan will notice that included accounts indicate that principal was compromised by agreement and the creditor received less that the full balance owed.

To find an easy way out of debt, begin by comparing several top rated services. Consider both types of plans as an option until analyzing actual costs and benefits available. All reputable services provide potential clients with free cost and benefit estimates based personal financial data. In addition, the Better Business Bureau tracks the performance of many financial services including debt consolidation plans. Reviewing reports and company reputations online is free.

Most people find that using a debt consolidation plan is an easy way out of debt. However, participation in a plan requires all clients to maintain regular monthly income. The basis of all plans is making continuous partial payments until completing agreements. Without income, making payments is extremely difficult or impossible.

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