Dewitt Jones – The Great Sage of Creativity

Dewitt Jones is one of top professional photographers in the United States. His work has primarily been shown in National Geographic. A magazine that he grew up idolizing as a child. Working for the Geographic, he has traveled to nearly every corner of the globe seeing the best and worst the world has to offer. From the Serengeti plains of Africa, the River Tweed in Scotland and the Grand Canyon, Dewitt has experienced the world and it is through the unique insight that he has developed a positive, inspirational, creative mentality.

Dewitt has published nine books including California and John Muirs High Sierra. His most recent book, The Nature of Leadership, was created in collaboration with Stephen Covey. (The 7 habits of Highly Effective People) He is cum laude graduate of Dartmouth College with a B.A. in drama and holds a Masters degree from UCLA. He has also been nominated for two Academy Awards. He currently resides in Molokai Hawaii.

Recently Dewitt’s work has expanded to corporate training videos. He has created four of them – Everyday Creativity, Celebrate What’s Right With the World, Focus Your Vision and For the Love of it. The video programs take Dewitt’s inspirational message to schools, businesses and governments around the world.

Much of Dewitt’s work focuses on creativity. In his own words “I strive to show that creativity is not a magical, mysterious occurrence. Neither is it solely the realm of artists and authors. Creativity, in my view, is an attitude. Much of what we call “creative thinking” really results from taking a fresh look – one that is deeper and more determined – at the mundane experiences of everyday life. Quite simply, creativity is looking at the ordinary and seeing the… extraordinary.

Dewitt believes wholeheartedly that we all can be creative in our own lives. He believes that we can look into the ordinary and see the extraordinary. It’s just a matter of perspective and opening your eyes to the possibilities. You don’t have to be a photographer or artist to be creative. Every person on the planet can be creative in their own way, in their own lives. It’s a wonderful thought and it’s one that Mr. Jones champions in all his work.

Dewitt’s passionate style and spirituality shine through in his video and in his lectures. In an almost breathy tone, he explains the inspirational path that we all can take. The path to negative thought is easy to take and it almost always closes the door to creativity thinking. Dewitt implores us to cut off negative thought by celebrating what’s right with the world. There is so much wrong and negative surrounding us that we naturally cut off inspiration by focusing on it. In all his work, Dewitt talks about the Celebrating and being your best for the world. Success and motivation take care of themselves when we focus in this positive way.

Despite all of his success, Dewitt Jones hardly seems to be slowing down. His most recent training program – For the Love of it – has been a phenomenal success and he continues to search for ways to be extraordinary and be his best for the world.

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