Different Concrete Sawing Techniques

As an essential part of any construction process, the concrete sawing technique is used for making precise cuttings and openings through any material. In this article, you will read about few different concrete sawing techniques.

Any moment of the construction process may require making openings for doors or windows, water pipes and electrical cables. Besides concrete, this technique is also successful for cutting any material, such as bricks or tiles, masonry and other hard surfaces. The demand for concrete sawing has increased in the recent years, especially due to rapid and efficient cuts through walls, floors and other surfaces.

First and foremost, the concrete sawing technique can be dry or wet sawing. Dry sawing is used in massive outdoor projects due to a large amount of dust that is caused. This technique uses a diamond blade that does not require water during operation and protects against overheating. Totally opposite operates the wet sawing technique. In this case, the blades work with water and therefore it prevents dust presence. So, we can say that this technique is environment-friendly, compared to dry sawing.

As its name indicates, the floor sawing technique is used for making any cutting on flat surfaces, such as concrete floors, roads and slabs. There are special floor saws, running on diesel and electrical supply. They can be used indoors and outdoors too, available to make a cut up to 500mm depth.

The wall sawing technique is used for making openings on vertical surfaces. It is the best technique for cutting your wall for new doors and windows. Tools used for this type of cutting are the wall saws.

Wire saws are used for creating various types of shapes in different sizes in reinforced concrete. This technique is using wire rope ingrained with diamond beads. Not producing cracks around the cutting surface is maybe the best benefit of this technique. Generally used for making large openings into walls.

For small and medium-sized concrete sawing projects – the ring saws are perfect. Because of their small size, they are also known as handheld tools. Workers use these tools if they are faced with limited indoor space.

Wet or dry sawing, floor sawing, wall sawing, wire sawing and ring sawing – the choice is huge and in your hands…

We love to say that when it comes to concrete cutting, there is no room for any error. Don`t you think the same thing?! It is your turn now.

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