Disciplines of Discipleship: More of Who Can Teach Them

To be certified or commended as qualified to teach another, one must first be trained themselves. Then they are chosen as a teacher of those who have been enrolled for training. He has given us instruction and examples of those who He discipled and made adequate to share in His Ministry of discipleship. Let us look at a few.

First let us recognize and acknowledge what He tells us, that He chooses us, we do not choose Him. He first calls us out. It is not initiated by our inquiry. We do not apply, He appoints.

He called Abraham out. It was not Abraham who made a list of requests and then sought out God to present those requests to Him. We are told that ‘ after Abraham was called, he obeyed and went out ‘. When we are called by Him, we must obey, go out, and follow Him. He tells us ‘ I am with those who are with me ‘. The blessings of simple obedience to Him, for His Commandments are not burdensome. They are for our good, to be with Him. After Abraham was called, he obeyed and thereby was enrolled into the school of the discipleship. Once you are enrolled you must not drop out. Looking back disqualifies us as a disciple. Remember Lot’s wife. Because his Teacher, our Teacher is so Faithful and Longsuffering, Abraham and we will learn it’s all about Him. Abraham was given to see and partake of the True Riches. For though he was in the land of promise, he wandered as a stranger, because wanted to go to the city where his God dwelt.

When Jesus called out the people from the iron furnace of Egypt, He called them to the mountain for all to worship Him. Many are called, but few are chosen. When they came to the mountain, it burned with fire, thick smoke, lightning, and terrible thunder. They were frightened as we would be, as we all are initially frightened. Moses shook and trembled with fear at the command to go up. But Moses, by His Grace, through the obedience of faith, went up. What he found was Someone he never wanted to depart from again forever. We have no record that Moses asked to go back down. What we have is the record that he went down because the Lord commanded him to go down because the people needed to be discipled. Moses recounts in a place that the people refused Him who called them to go up because they feared they would die. Because He calls those who would be His disciple to die, die to self and sin. They wanted Moses to go up and then come back down and tell them what He said. We all must go up if we truly want learn what He says.

I will not take time to point the 12 disciples. He chose, called, discipled, and sent them to freely share what they had been freely given. Yet one of them was a devil. Paul, after conversion, being born again, did not confer with man, but with Jesus. Did He not promise of a time when no one would need for someone else to teach us, all will know the Lord. Read 1 Co. 9:25 through 1 Co. 10:13. Paul learned these disciplines from the only One who can teach us. He saw that if he did learn and practice them, he would be a castaway, even after having preached to so many.

But what we do need when we become a newborn child of God is for one who has been discipled to point us to Him that we may learn of Him the disciplines of discipleship. So that when we are old, we will not depart from them

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