Distortion – The Vanity Of Genetically Altered Christianity (Book Review)

By: Jesse Duplantis (2012)

ISBN 978-160683-687-3

Book Price $15.00

Know God And Find Your Destiny

Jesse Duplantis is known as a true evangelist. He has a TV ministry that spans the globe, and ministry offices in USA, UK, and Australia. He has spoken in literally thousands of churches worldwide and is known as the “Apostle of Joy” because of his hilarious illustrations. Jesse believes that anyone can know God and find their destiny!

Know The Truth Beware Of Error

In twenty four brief chapters, Jesse presents his message. He discusses God is a living reality (Ch. 1); we need the raw and real word of God (Ch. 4); prayers of doubt and the choices that kill (Ch. 12); who Knows the mind of the Lord? (Ch. 14); Christianity builds walls, Christ does not (Ch. 19); beware of lofty intellectualism (Ch. 22), & more.

Philosophy Purely On Jesus Christ

Jesse communicates with simple and concise phrases that convey powerful meaning. He relays, “Faith is what God has chosen to be the vehicle for healing and miracles.” His style is personable and easy to relate with!

Bold statements shall catch attention and call for personal examination. Duplantis challenges, “I find that most people can’t tell you what God said. They can only tell you their philosophy and their own ideas about how God works. But their ideas may be totally contrary to what God has already said.” His statements cause self-reflection.

Jesse causes readers to take responsibility and not blame God. He explains, “Jesus let us know that when it comes to mountains in our lives, most of the time, you aren’t really “waiting on God” to come through… He’s waiting on you to do what He already instructed you to do in His Word.” His methods shall bring readers to winning actions!

By boldly confessing God’s will, “God wants people saved, healed, at peace, and strong spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially and in every other way.” Jesse establishes a clear image for us to receive our true destiny!

Jesse’s main theme is that our rationalization has watered down God’s Word. He injects, “Culture shouldn’t take precedence over Christ.” Also, “… when people spin off into philosophies… they also end up stealing the joy… “

Jesse offers a powerful summary, “… Christ must be the source, substance, and standard for all religious philosophy-otherwise, it’s not going to measure up… base your philosophy purely on Jesus Christ… not on opinion… “

The Pure And Powerful Reality Of Christ

Jesse Duplantis skillfully guides readers into the discovery of living in the pure and powerful reality of Christ.

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