Does Your Student Have Too Much Homework?

Are you annoyed by your child constantly complaining that they have too much homework? Are you worried that your child may be overwhelmed by their enormous work load? Don’t know how to respond to their complaints and cries for help? Turns out this complaint is nothing new.

The late 1990s’ brought numerous stories about students and parents whose family lives were destroyed by the overwhelming amount of homework students received. Some even argued that it caused psychological damage. The stories, although lacking hard evidence, were published in many respected publications. A national debate began on whether or not students have too much homework. Schools created homework policies, parents protested, students became confused on the true value of homework.

Among all the drama, people never realized that the articles clearly lacked facts. A report by the Brown Center on Education Policy in 2003 ended the idea that American students were drowning under piles of homework and stated that their results reported on the contrary. The report stated that American students don’t spend enough time on homework.

Average students from kindergarten to high school don’t spend more than an hour a day doing homework. The report concluded that the homework load for the average student has not increased since the 1980s. Finally, the report stated that the majority of parents are satisfied with the amount of homework their children receive. In fact, if parents were dissatisfied with their students’ amount of homework it was due to the fact that they did not have enough.

School administrators and parents can rest easy. Students as a whole do not have too much homework. Teachers should focus on giving students enough homework to challenge them, but not enough to overwhelm them.

Parents can help their children by teaching them good organization and prioritization skills. Homework should be organized neatly in a folder or binder easily accessible to the student. Keeping a planner really helps students keep track of all their assignments and tests. Last minute procrastination ends with regular review of a planner. Make sure your students make homework a priority upon arriving home. Some parents may even have to take away toys and video games until homework is done to ensure that it is completed.

With the right skills, students can flourish in school. Instead of worrying about the amount of homework your child receives, figure out how you can help ensure that it gets finished.

Source by Rachel Elizabeth Wood

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