Dream Vacation Destination: Negril, Jamaica

A town on the Jamaican island, where the beaches reign supreme, is Negril. Explored by the Spaniards Negril was discovered in 1494 and was originally known as Negrillo. If you are on a vacation package for a tour in Jamaica Negril would be on top of your preferences because this place boasts of possessing one of the world’s top ten beaches according to many travel magazines. In the not so past, Negril has been rated as one of the top travel destination spots in the Caribbean. It is home to the famous seven mile beach to the north. The town also is endowed with all inclusive resorts and family run hotels that give you a sense of being home away from home in this nature enriched region.

Every year more and more couples choose to take their vows in the majestic backdrop of the magnificent setting sun in Negril beaches. Negril is located on the western tip of Jamaica in such a way that it has the most remarkably picturesque sunsets with a diverse range of colors painted upon the sky. It is the most romantic place to be. Every year Negril sees the influx of international tourists who are wooed by the breathtaking landscapes and the pristine beaches of this beautiful Jamaican town. It is even blessed with other water bodies like rivers in an overly exhaustive 100 numbers.

Negril is popularly known for its turquoise beaches and hosts the best reef diving activities. Rafting activities include rafting on the Martha Bay River or at Mountain Valley, all around Mobay and Great River Revelry. You have other enthralling activities to look forward to in this beautiful island. These include golf, tennis, sailing, windsurfing, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, horseback riding, arena polo, squash, cricket, putting, bocce and plenty more. You may also be lucky enough to feast your eyes on certain wildlife in the island that may include geckos, crabs and an extensive variety of impressive birds that includes the lovebird, the National Bird of Jamaica. Also Sting rays, colorful reef fish and sea birds are commonly seen.

With a plethora of plush luxury resorts and hotels in Negril you do not have to worry about your accommodation issues. All these come in attractive discounts when booked through all inclusive travel packages that are available on the internet. Make sure to pick and independently-operated tour company that hand picks the best of the best things to do in the Caribbean. If you are an avid nature-lover or you go crazy about water sports, this is the place to be. One thing is for sure, that your body, mind and soul would be revitalized while surrounded by paradise.

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