E-mail From God

I have been waiting for God to answer my prayers.

Then it happened.

I imagined that God sent me an e-mail message.

This is what He told me.


You are not alone.

I have been searching for a way to communicate with you.

This is my message of love to you.

I am here to give you salvation.

I forgive you for your sins and ask that you forgive others for their sins.

I forgive you for not believing in me all the time.

I forgive you for not loving me as I love you.

I ask that you try to do your best.

I understand that you are not always up to the task.

I only ask that you try again to be all that you can be.

Do not deny yourself of my blessing.

Find comfort in my love.

Believe in me as I believe in you.

Understand that I created you to be a good and worthwhile person.

Believe that you are a good and worthwhile person.

Accept that you were born to be a Person of Faith.

Accept that I created you to be a Person of Faith.

Have faith in yourself.

Have faith in the future.

Have faith in me.

Cherish your family as I cherish you.

Help your children to believe in me.

Show your children God’s love, as I love you.

Do not fear your mortality.

Keep trying to communicate with me.

I hear your prayers.

I know your fears.

I will protect you from evil.

You are not alone anymore.

I hear your prayers.

I am always by your side.

I am your salvation and you can ask me anything.

When I finally found my voice, I replied to God asking what more I could do?

God answered:

I am here for you.

Do all that is in your heart to do.

Be of good faith.

Accept the miracle of believing in me.

Be secure in my love for you.

Continue to care for me.

Be assured, I care for you.

Copyright: Arthur Levine 2005

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