Early Astronomers: The Riddle Of The Star Sirius

The more we learn about the stars the more we have respect for the early Astronomers. Instead of thinking, they received answers from Alien visitors I stand amazed at what they observed. Still even with all the skills they had, there are some unexplainable observations they had made. One of these is the star Sirius

Early Astronomers

Without television and electricity, computers and cell phones our early ancestors must have spent a lot of time sitting outside in the dark. Without a doubt they would have realized that the stars can be put it recognizable patterns. Before long they would have also realized these patterns move and that certain patterns could be connected to winter and others to summer. This system would have helped them to organize their life.

Ancient Astronauts

There is a belief in certain circles that ancient astronauts from another planet visited Earth and handed over some information. We know today that there is nowhere in the solar system these visitors could have come from and thus they would have had to come from another solar system. This theory in return does not even consider why they would make the effort and leave leaving nothing behind but a few lines in the desert. It is more likely that the intelligent people in any civilization figured out a method how to predict certain things such as the eclipses and equinoxes. They obviously named the patterns in the sky and used it to organize their lives.

The Star Sirius

One star in particular must have attracted the attention of the astronomers. The star Sirius, the brightest star in the sky stood out amongst all the other stars. The Egyptians called it the Dog or the Nile Star and used it to organize their planting season as its early morning rising coincided with the annual flood. In West Africa and Mali in particular lived the Dogon people. The belief is they come from a planet circling Sirius and landed in Egypt.

The Dogon People

These people believe they come from a planet that circles the star Sirius. Furthermore, they have a ceremony every 50 years believing there is a small star circling Sirius every 50 years. Then in 1926, hardly 5 years before anthropologists first had contact with this group it was discovered that a small star called Sirius B circles Sirius every 60 years. Phenomenal coincidence or ancient knowledge? Even more extraordinaire is that Sirius B is not visible with the naked eye. More about this tribe can be read in “The Sirius Mystery” by Robert Temple.

Possible Explanation

While the star Sirius is very bright, its companion Sirius B is not and is a dwarf star. Unless you have a telescope, you will not know it exists. However if Sirius plays an important role in your society you would probable quickly incorporate any new evidence regarding this planet into your rituals and belief system. Astronomy is taught in Timbuktu about 500km from where the Dogon people are. One could easily see that the news of Sirius B would have reached them in the 5 years before they were investigated by the anthropologists. If their information did come from ancient astronauts why would all the information be on the star and not their planet. but most of all why did they come here and leave a three star system and then not tell us why they had to leave.

Source by Leon Steyn

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