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It’s amazing that we live in a free market society, and we’ve become the greatest nation on Earth through the use of capitalism, and yet so many people do not understand the economics that drive the growth, and the high standards of living which we all enjoy. Some folks at the bottom of the recession believe that things are not that good and they reason they are not due to capitalism. This is absolute nonsense.

If you’ll go to in any other country in the world you will see that we live better even during a recession. And you’ll find that those who live in socialist countries have outrageous taxes, over regulation, and they don’t have the things that we do. It is unfortunate that we no longer teach economics as a required course in high school, we should.

It should be taught in elementary school, junior high and high school as far as I’m concerned. Further, I don’t believe anybody should you be allowed to have a degree from college who hasn’t taken an economics class. Of course, this is just my personal opinion, but there is something we can all do about it as writers. We can write and author more articles geared towards the general public on the reality of economics, so that they can better understand what’s going on.

In fact, we could probably save our country from ruin if we can stop the socialist tendencies and the direction our nation is headed by changing the way people vote based on the reality of how economics work in America. If you are going to write articles on economics for the general public, I would suggest that you explain it in simple layman’s terms so that everyone can understand the process of building economic prosperity. Please consider all this.

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