Eelpout Fishing – Tips To Grab A Few In Minnesota

The Ling is a slippery, slimy, utterly smelly and disgusting looking fish and is voted by anglers the world over as the most unattractive of Pisceans in the waters of the world. This ugly creature of the deep is also called the ‘Eelpout’.

So why is this ugly creature so popular with the anglers the world over? For its tasty meat of course – and then there is the sport of catching it and struggling to get it on board as this fish can surely put up a fight when it is caught. The taste is the better attraction as this fish is easy to catch and tastes of lobster, then there is the annual eelpout festival near walker, Minnesota where anglers can boast of their prize catches, win prizes and then feast on the nutritious and tasty meat of their game.

The eelpout is also called a spineless catfish because of a lack of a spinal column like most fish have. The other names it is known by are burbot and lawyer. It seems to be a cross between a catfish and an eel and is mostly found in freshwaters of the northern lakes. But do not let its clean habitat fool you for a moment, the eelpout, though resident of clean cold waters is a smelly and dirty creature of the deep.

It is fairly easy to lure the eelpout with shinny lure. If the lure looks fishy and can fit in the eelpout’s mouth the eelpout will eat it. This is a typical predator who sneaks up on its prey from behind and snaps up the unsuspecting creature in one gulp. So beware when you sink your bait into the water the eel pout will be there in no time and can even snap away some good lure from your fishing kit.

So how does one go about angling for this fish?
It is easy as taking cake from a baby. All an angler has to do is to locate the eelpout and then getting one to bite is child’s play. The technique is simple, all you need is some shinny spoon lure that you lower into the water until it mingles with the dirt then you begin to spool the line in, before you know it the eelpout will be on to the bait snapping it up viscously. Then starts the fun because the eelpout is not the fragile creature it makes out to be. When caught the eelpout has been known to pull many an agile angler into the drink before it has been lugged aboard, but that is where the fun is.

The best time to fish for the eelpout is during the early evening and at dusk. Some of the best game has been caught late at night when the eelpout are known to feed. So when you do set out to get yourself an eelpout it is best that you get yourself some very strong gear made especially for creatures of formidable strength. Do not rely on your general angling gear – it just won’t do.

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