Elevator Advertising

Today the old methods of advertising like banners, stickers, pamphlets, brochures and commercials have become too common that we see most of the people trying to avoid and ignore them just because they think, companies using these tactics are trying to compel them to buy and fill their homes with useless things. Now we see that companies are going crazy to buy elevator ads. I am sure you know what “marketing to an attentive audience” means but most people wonder if elevator advertising can be so effective. Check out the most talked about advantages of elevator advertising and you can easily decide on its effectiveness yourself.

If you are a business owner, you are always looking for the proper advertisement that turns out to be efficient, affordable and worth investing, thus resulting in the consideration of channels that are trending, like the elevator ads.

This type of advertising is gaining popularity among small businesses. Small companies that are involved in B2B marketing or in need of getting the attention of a specific niche of consumers with creative concepts, find this type of advertising very convenient and on budget. Elevators installation and advertising is widely common in cities and urban areas, but Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance has resulted in the installation of elevators in shopping malls, commercial or residential buildings throughout the country and this has become the major cause of interest in the once unknown channel of advertising.

If you still haven’t reached the decision whether you should invest in this channel of advertising or not, have a look at the following benefits of elevator ads.


In some buildings, elevator ads created with a great visual appeal and creativeness in mind have become the most attention grabbing advertisement channels ever. From fully wrapping the elevators to the digital elevator display screens, all these mediums have become very famous among the small businesses and the residents likewise.


Advertising campaigns don’t always give you the benefit to control your audience, but this isn’t the case with elevator advertising. Using this channel you can choose the audience of your choice by selecting the regions, neighborhood and even the types of building like commercial or residential, all by yourself. This factor of having the option to choose your own audience with your advertising budget is only available to you in this medium of advertising.


The afford-ability of elevator ads is perhaps the most attracting feature for small companies with smaller advertising budgets. You can surely spend hundreds of dollars on newspaper or commercial ads without even knowing if your particular audience will see it or not, or you can put a fraction of the cost in this smaller but powerful medium and can be sure that you are getting double, triple the amount of exposure as compared to the costs.

Maximum Exposure

Ever saw an ad in a newspaper and wanted to see it again, but couldn’t find the wasted newspaper? That paper was your money before it went to the bins and got wasted. Same isn’t the case with elevator ads, in-fact these work for you throughout the day and night, making a lasting place in your potential customer’s mind with each passing day.


In case of any errors, newspaper ads once published can’t be changed without reinvesting the same amount of money but this isn’t the case with elevator ads. These can be edited or altered as many times in a day as needed. So there isn’t any chance of errors or wrong messages being conveyed. You can even run different ads at different times of the day and night.

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