Emotional Affair Signs – Tell-Tale Signs of an Emotional Affair

Are you looking for some emotional affair signs to see if your husband or wife is having an affair? I’m going to try and show you a few ways that you can tell to see if they are having an emotional affair, and then give you some advice on how you can heal the marriage & survive it together.

A Few Symptoms of An Emotional Affair

Some emotional affair signs are very obvious, and others aren’t as much. However, just the fact that you searched for this probably puts you in dangerous waters. Trusting your instinct and gut feeling will probably give you the best help of all, but again, the fact that you’re looking probably means that you have some serious doubts about whether an affair is taking place. If you’ve had a spouse saying “they’re just a friend” or have been disappearing a lot, I would worry a bit. Let’s get into it below.

Emotional Affair Sign #1 – The Consoling Friend

This is probably the most “obvious” sign of an emotional affair – but at the same time, it could be a very innocent friendship as well. The line is blurred quite often, but there are definitely a lot of times where it’s a straight up emotional affair. If somebody in the marriage picks up the phone to tell somebody about every little detail of their day – especially the more dramatic things and seeks guidance and/or help, it could very well be the beginnings of an intense affair. Again, this happens with a lot of “friends,” but there is a definite difference when it reaches a new level of co-dependence.

Emotional Affair Sign #2 – The Disappearing Spouse

Of course this is a symptom of a REGULAR affair too, but we’re talking emotional affairs. What should you look for? Well, how much time do they spend on the computer that’s abnormal? Do they stay up late doing “nothing?” Do they text a lot and disappear into messaging and other sorts of things with somebody else? Usually this means that they could easily be having an affair. With this day and age, though, it’s tough to know because people do this regularly anyway.

Why Do These Affairs Happen? How to Fix Them

The main reason that affairs happen is simple: the man or woman stops feeling admired & appreciated in the relationship, so they crave it and get it somewhere else. That’s the barebones of it. The new person will “understand them on a deep level” and give them these two things, admiration & appreciation, until their heart is lost.

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