Emotional Affair Vs Physical Affair – Which Is More Likely to Permanently Kill Your Relationship?

Knowing what type of affair your spouse is involved in will greatly increase your chances of successfully catching, and then healing from, an extramarital relationship going on behind your back.

Emotional Affairs

Even though emotional affairs are commonly thought to be not nearly as big of a deal as physical affairs, I have to argue that this simply isn’t true.

Having been through two separate affairs (once when I was dating, and once with my wife), and having seen and helped with countless more, I can tell you something…

A relationship where one person commits emotional infidelity is MUCH less likely to heal than one where a person commits physical infidelity.


Simply because emotional affairs are harder to stop. You can track where your husband goes. You can monitor what what your wife says. You can get evidence of what they do physically.

But under no circumstances will you EVER be able to track his/her emotions. And you’ll never have any way of knowing how they truly feel about you.

The up side is that most people are a lot worse at hiding their guilt when they’re emotionally involved with someone else than when they’re just physically involved, so make use of this fact to try and confirm any suspicions you may have.

Physical Affairs

As I stated above, the physical part of an affair is actually quite easy to track.

We now have technology that lets us track computer usage, phone usage, email usage…We can even use GPS tracking with a Smart Phone to see EXACTLY where our spouse is at all hours of the day.

Pretty amazing, right?

Of course, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re being physically intimate with another man or woman, but having sure-fire proof often makes it easier to cope with.

No matter how you spin it, affairs are bad business, and they’re really not fun to go through on either end.

It begs the question, why do people do it?

Weakness, I suppose. But who really knows why people cheat?

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