Emotionalized Thoughts And How They Determine Your Prosperity

Emotionalized thought determine your prosperity because they are thoughts that can easily enter into your subconscious mind. The theory is that the subconscious mind responds more often to emotional thoughts rather than rational ones.

With this in mind if you rational mind is seeking prosperity but your emotions are telling you that you will never have prosperity the message that is going deep into your subconscious mind is the fact that you will never have prosperity.

These emotionalized thoughts, thoughts that stem from deep emotion are entering into your inner mind and affecting your inner peace. What they are also doing is determining how success you are going to be as well as how much prosperity you will receive.

They determine your prosperity because of their ability to go deep into your mind. If you know about the inner mind you will know that the person that is inside this part of our mind is the real and true us. You can identify that person, meaning you can know what type of person you are by how you feel the bulk of the day.

A good way to test this if you are unsure is to keep a little notepad that you can carry with you or you can use your phone application for this process; whenever you are feeling an emotion write down what emotion you are feeling.

When I first did this activity I found that the bulk of the time I was either sad or worried. That was an interesting reality because I had always thought of myself as a happy person and a controlled person so when I realized that my emotions were showing me that I was not what my rational mind thought I was I was able to start to make changes that benefited me.

When you start to see what your dominating emotion is throughout the day and you can realize that this emotion is being broadcast straight into your subconscious mind and is telling you from deep within what it is feeling; this is when you will start to see how to change your emotions so that you can receive the prosperity that you desire.

When I first learned that I had to change my emotions I thought it was impossible. It took time and plenty of rough days but I was able to change my main emotion of sadness, and continue to this day to improve myself to make a change for the better.

You can control your thoughts if you are prepared and ready for a change in your life that will bring you the prosperity that you are seeking.

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