Empowered From Within – Are You Reasoning Away Your Answer?

Sometimes we tend to reason away our answer when it comes. We hear it but instead of responding and acting on it, we bring reasoning and logic into play. When we get an instruction from the Spirit, it may not always make sense at first to the conscious mind but it will be right on target when implemented. Go ahead and act on your instructions and you’ll see how beneficial the results turn out and how empowered you feel.

Here are 4 tips you can use right now to stop reasoning away your answers.

Tip 1 – Practice being present

When you are alert to what`s happening in the present you are positioned to hear what the Spirit is saying to you. You can hear the wisdom that comes to you. Practice being present. As your attention is drawn to what the Spirit is showing you, release the other distractions, even if it`s something you think that`s important right at that moment so you can fully understand the wisdom the Spirit has to offer. The Spirit knows what`s important or not and if the answer has come to you at that moment then anything else takes second place.

Tip 2 – Act on what you hear

Act on the instructions you get from the Spirit. Don`t set it aside thinking that you`ll get back to it at a more convenient time. The convenient time is right there, right now when the Spirit prompts you to act. Another moment from now will be too late.

My 2 year old daughter is now going through the stage of potty training. Often times I`d feel the inner prompting; it`s time to take her to the bathroom again. Whenever I acted on this prompting, we`d be okay. To delay would give way to an accident. This may seem like a minor incident but it`s a great training ground for other things. When you train you ears to hear the Spirit, and more so act on the inner guidance, you`ll be ready for other more serious incidents and know how to avert them.

Tip 3 – Stop second guessing yourself

Sometimes during the training process I`d feeling the prompting but then if I`m in the middle of something I`d be thinking that I just took her to the bathroom, does she need to go again so soon? As soon as I`d say that for sure, here comes an accident.

Whenever you second guess yourself and start reasoning about the instructed wisdom, you miss out on the help you need in your daily activities. Life becomes harder and the mess difficult to clean up, which could have been avoided in the first place.

Tip 4 – Be willing

It is not always convenient when the Spirit decides to give you wisdom to do something but it is always rewarding when you are willing and act upon the instruction. Your unwillingness to do what the Spirit has prompted you to do can be quite costly which could have kept you from an embarrassing moment, disappointment or a negative encounter.

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