Empowered Symbolism: The Engine Of Real Magicians

Deep, meaningful symbolism that resonates deep within the mind and soul can be perceived as magic. It is much more, though. It is what connects the productively used imagination to reality. From Nikola Tesla coming up with inventions and to physically build them ultimately after much visualization, Albert Einstein riding on the beam of light in his mind, to the deep prayer at the chapel with Rosary beads that has certain effects, to the deep symbolic intention that gets fulfilled from the mind and soul outward. Indeed, the engine of a real magician is that connection between imagination and reality that is productive, not just effects, but those pure causes that are in reality the deepest, most meaningful symbolism.

“Strangely”, the most practical magic and “mystery” comes through those connections to the cause which is purely spiritual and not just “amazing physical effects” and I am just repeating a version of what Charles Francis Haanel said in the middle of “The Master Key System” and “Mental Chemistry”. Indeed, I can honestly echo Arthur Charles Clarke, and say that to the most primitive, magic and technology are virtually indistinguishable until the causes are succinctly understood, known, and regularly used.

So, when I say empowered symbolism is the engine of real magic and it is mysterious only to those who need to develop or do not understand, that is what I mean: Those who can develop will understand, those who do not will not. That is the real meaning of “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer”, anyhow. Everything is genuinely possible when the mind is genuinely open in the right ways, but when closed in the wrong ways, nothing is possible.

After all, the understanding mind is one simply open to development that is creative instead of linear. What I mean by creative is rationally transcendent working within the laws of reality and not outside of them and indeed, that is not curbed creativity. That is the ultimate enhancement of creativity. After all comfort zones and entrenched habits are usually unhealthy unless they are both evolutionary and revolutionary advancing realities. In short, as long as it makes you better and not worse, it is good for you or anyone open-minded enough to positively advance.

“To be or not to be? that is the question.”, William Shakespeare said, or “I think, therefore I am.”, Rene Descartes said. I simply end with a question: What do you think real magic and spiritual energy is anyway?

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