Empowering Goals – Write and Energize Your Aspirations!

Every major success expert encourages us to set, focus on and actively pursue our goals. We know that in order to be successful, happy, and fulfilled we should be formulating a series of goals. Most of us also have learned that the clearer and more specific the goals, the better chance we have of achieving them.

Though each success guru may have their own particular technique of empowering goals, the one element that most have in common is the action of writing them down. Even with today’s technology, it still feels more energetically powerful to actually write goals as opposed to typing them on one’s computer keyboard. Using an old-fashioned implement called a “pen” may help bring your own personal positive energy into the creation of your aspiration list. But if going the keyboard route is easier for you, then by all means, type away!

After we have written them (or printed them out from our computer), what do we do with them? In his national bestseller, “The Success Principles,” major motivational and success coach, Jack Canfield, strongly encourages us to place our goals on 3 x 5 index cards, a practice that he does on a daily basis.

I will add to that and suggest you take your cards with you and keep them with you throughout your day. However, don’ t just place them in the back pocket or purse and forget about them. Several times a day, take them out, read them aloud or to yourself with gusto! Take a moment to visualize them clearly and see yourself achieving them. Another or additional action would be to post them around your home in prominent places where they will catch your gaze and attention.

A very different way to accelerate your goals is to send positive energy to them. William Rand, a prominent Reiki Teacher and one of the foremost authorities on Reiki in this country, interestingly enough, also suggests we write our goals on index cards to be carried around with us. But for additional empowerment, those who are Reiki Practitioners can hold the piece of paper between their hands and send Reiki to the goals for the highest and best outcome and achievement. Do this for 5-20 minutes once a day or more.

If you are not attuned to Reiki, you can still use this method. Reiki is very much about intention so just hold your goal card or piece of paper in your hand and visualize positive energy illuminating your goals. You can imagine the energy flowing from your heart center and out through your hands to empower your goals and bring them to fruition. If the goal is harmonious with your own higher good, then you should attain it quickly.

The bottom line and a good way to think of goal-setting is to Write and Recite, Reflect and Affect! By clarifying and writing your goals, reciting them, reflecting and visualizing them — you will affect a positive outcome!

Affirmation, Attitude, Action for Goal Setting:

It is easy for me to set clear goals and achieve them. My inner passion and motivation empower my goals to become reality. Every day, I state my goals, visualize them and energize my goals into being!

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