Empowerment at the Midnight Hour!

I give thanks to God Almighty for his good works. As I look at you right now I can see the beginning of my Mega-Church! It may sound like a puzzle to you – A night vigil preaching of few tenants who are still feeling very sleepy; and am saying a Mega-Church! Well don’t even try to find a link between them because you won’t find a trace! Forget about the in-betweens, God will handle that! That God who simply plotted this universe like a line graph by simply saying let there be…is still God. None of you here present can see or tell how He did it then. Even now, you will still not know how He will do it. But I just believe it! He has asked me like He asked Ezekiel. I won’t behave like Ezekiel! Am different. These dry bones shall live at your word Lord! That’s what I say!

This is your night of Empowerment! You will get empowered by the insights that will open up to your heart tonight. There is a knowing that brings strengthening!…they that know there God, they shall be strong and they shall do exploit. One of my mentors once said that when we receive a word from God, we also receive the grace from God to make that word work in our life. But I tell you this: when you stumble on that new light of knowledge, first you become aware of a strength that was never there from the start. You become aware of a boldness to become that which you now know. Well the midpoint here and the most important is that you never realize the impact and presence of this strength until you begin to explore and exploit what you have known. Permit me to use the word practice!

In a Cinema where a drama is taking place, the spotlight is only on them that are on stage! As long as you never dare to do that which you have believed, you will never experience the illumination of strength that comes from knowledge. Never, I repeat Never. You will never know it! Tonight the Lord is asking you. Don’t you think you have known just too much? If you have sincerely known these things in your heart like you profess them with your mouth, then do them. Put them into practice. It’s not enough to believe what you have heard, behave it! Yes behave! I mean be [what you] have. Don’t stop at believing that there is a Jericho across Jordan, cross over Jordan and possess that Jericho. And in case you don’t know, Oh yes you can fly off the cliff of the rock. But don’t stand there staring at the valley! Jump off! You won’t fall; you will actually fly, if you truly believe.

AM going to trace some events and incidents in the scriptures that prove that strengthening does not come to those who wait and wait and wait! Strengthening comes to those who are waiting upon the Lord! They are waiting upon the Lord! I dare to ask you this simple question. How are they waiting upon the Lord? They extremely show they believe in the Lord. To do what He has ask them to do and then watch Him keep his promise! That is what it means to wait upon the Lord. Did you read that they shall mount up with wings like eagle, they shall run and not fall, and work and not be weary? If it’s all about waiting why do they have to do something? Answer me! You are believing God for a baby. Yes. How are you demonstrating that believe. The Bible says Rejoice oh Barren! Let me find out how joyful you are in the midst of your being barren. Do you rejoice about it? But that’s what the Bible says do if you are among the people in cue waiting for God to give them a baby!

Shedrach and His friends where faced with a solid situation that has confronted them because of what they believe. You see, God is still the only God of the universe. You may have proofs that there are lesser gods. But I tell you. There is no other god like our God. Before Shedrach and his friend stepped into that fire, God was there. God was not there with them, He was there before them. Nechadnezzar only saw one like an angel walking with them in the midst of the fire. But God was there before they stepped into the fire! When a fellow man promises to be with you, he is likely telling you that he will accompany you! That’s man not our God. When God says I will be with you, He means I will go before you! Remember his journey with the Israelites; the Bible says that the Glory of God matched before them day and night like pillars of cloud and as of fire leading the way for them. God will already be there waiting for you as you step into that faith-inspired thing that you are directed to do.

Don’t get me wrong. God will leave you there alone if you do not come with a cleansed hands and a pure heart. Peter did that. Peter said, master if its you ask me to come! Ask me to walk on top of hundreds of hundreds kilometer pile of salt water! Peter was the acting man who does not want to wait and wait. He can’t stand some one fighting his master while he stands still. What is his sword for! Peter did a smart one at the Galilean sea because he was convinced that it was the master! And he did fly! He did actually walked on the water. The embarrassment was so much on Peter that Peter soon realize that He was taught that a human can not walk on water because of force of gravity! As soon as that little hole widened in his mind, the power that held him left him. The strength that empowered him vanished and quickly Peter was waist deep inside the sea! That will not be your portion! Do you believe that you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you? I mean, have you sincerely accepted this truth in your heart? Then, lay your hands on that thing which the holyspirit is leading and signaling you to do and say dear Lord, here I come. Like Peter, step out of the boat, step into the fire and you will not be burnt! Let us pray.

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