ESP Between Mothers And Babies Has Been Well Documented – Can We Duplicate This For Others?

It turns out that mothers and their babies have some incredible communication skills, so incredible in fact, they seem like magic. You see, when a baby wants Mother’s Milk but the mother isn’t present, maybe across town shopping, the mom’s breasts will start leaking and get ready for milking in advance. This has been documented on numerous occasions, and no one really knows how it works or why. (Cite: Rupert Sheldrake research (Cite: 1).

There was an interesting article in the Washington Post titled; “Pregnancy changes the brain for as long as two years,” by Amy Ellis Nutt published on December 20, 2016 and it stated pregnant mothers developed new gray matter in the brain when pregnant, these structural changes in the brain were very profound in the hippocampus, but after two-years reverted back through gray matter pruning. Yes, I’ve simplified the process for the sake of brevity in a short 500-word online article, but you get the picture.

Now then, it is hypothesized that the extra hormonal flows in the body of the pregnant mother are causing this brain growth. If we can duplicate this hormonal flow we can help grow white matter that pregnant mothers have, then if we can enhance this growth and boost the output, we should be able to make humans that can use ESP (extra sensory perception) for communication, the same way that mothers and their babies are now getting this done.

Imagine having ESP, and if the human body and brain already has a way to do this, we should be able to duplicate that. And before you tell me it isn’t possible, I say to you; Why Not, of course it is possible. Did you know there are tribes in Africa that know when their hunters have caught prey, and they start the fire pit for their return – yep, they fire up the BBQ (Cite: 2).

Now then, if some groups of people are communicating in this way, and they share the same DNA we all do, that is to say if all pregnant mothers are able to use these gene expressions to temporarily grow white matter to the point that ESP type communication is possible with the babies, even if it is not registering as communication in the consciousness, the body is reacting to these communication signals. I would wager to suspect that since this cited African Tribe can do this, that members of that tribe share similar DNA being all family members.

Maybe the first experiments should be with Identical Twins first. Still, think this is crazy? Well, I say why attempt to use technology for a problem that evolution has already solved, let’s just hitch a ride. Think on this.

Cite 1: Journal-Society for Psychical Research, 2002, “Apparent Telepathy Between Babies and Nursing Mothers – A Survey” by Rupert Sheldrake.

Cite 2: “The Birth of Nature” by Rupert Sheldrake

Source by Lance Winslow

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