Every Day New Prospects Come to You Like Clockwork

It doesn’t matter how many designations you have you will go broke if you don’t have a steady stream of prospects. In this article I’m going to show you how you can get those prospects to come to you without working additional hours or making a single cold call. Getting new prospects to come to you is easy when you know how.

The biggest mistake agents and advisors make is focusing on selling insurance. Insurance is a solution for a future need. When was the last time you had a sense of urgency about making a purchase that would benefit you at some point in the future. I’m waiting. Can you think of even one occasion?

Now, in contrast, when was the last time you made a purchase because you needed the benefit your purchase provided right now? You probably made a need based immediate purchase within the last 24 hours. You probably make some sort of immediate need based purchase every single day.

Every time you buy food, fuel up your car, or make a payment to keep a roof over your head you are making a purchase based on an immediate need. Sometimes you buy based on what you want. Sometimes you buy based on what you want to avoid.

It’s no secret other than property and casualty, most insurance and financial products are not immediate needs. Because the benefits are so far removed from the point of purchase most buyers perceive insurance and investments as expenses. Worse yet, most prospects perceive insurance and investments as expenses they can live without.

But don’t let that get you down. There’s a way around this dilemma. You simply need to wrap what you can do for your clients inside the envelope of what they think they need right now. To do that you need to shift your focus to what triggers prospects to buy.

Most families in the U.S. will experience what I call a trigger event that transforms a future need into an immediate need. Some trigger events are purchase related. For example, at some point most households will: purchase a home, purchase a vacation home, purchase a second home, purchase a car, purchase a second car, contribute to a child’s higher level of education, and retire.

Those purchases trigger an immediate need for insurance and investments. An effective way to draw these new potential buyers to you is to offer them information that answers their most pressing questions or solves their biggest challenge related to their purchase. Then once the prospect asks for the information they want you have the opportunity to open a relationship and lead the prospect to the sale.

Purchases aren’t the only trigger opportunities. When prospects hit their 50th birthday, adult children are faced with parents who need assistance with daily activities, wage earners lose a job, or when a close family member or friend dies needs change. When needs change you have an opportunity to get prospects facing those challenges to contact you.

World events can also turn into triggers. When the stock market falls, gold prices plummet, energy prices soar, and the state of the economy changes you have opportunities to get prospects to come to you.

All you have to do is offer prospects what they want related to these triggers and they’ll come to you.

Source by Cheryl Clausen

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