Exclusive Debt Leads Live Transfer

What exactly is an exclusive debt settlement lead?? An exclusive lead of any kind, is an interested prospect that has been qualified specially for your business and will not be shared with any other company. Truly exclusive debt leads will also be branded with your company name so they are expecting to hear from you and only you. The problem is, with the overwhelming increase of Americans in debt and a slow down in mortgage, there has been a gold rush of debt consultants and specialist eager to help their fellow Americans. This means the demand for exclusive leads increases and lead generation companies are getting rich taking short-cuts and reselling the same leads over and over. Live transfer debt telemarketing is one way to combat reselling but its not a fix all solution and here’s why.

Exclusive debt settlement leads are not only generated as a stand alone process. I work in a call center that makes thousands of calls each day to businesses, homeowners and of course borrowers. Just by the laws of probability many of these prospects don’t qualify for our product due to their financial status or debt of over 10,000 dollars or more. This gives us the unique opportunity to turn an otherwise useless lead into an exclusive debt settlement lead and live transfer it to a sales agent right away.

Buying Leads for Debt

You could pay anywhere from $15 to $65 to per lead, depending on the demographics, criteria filters and exclusivity. What they don’t want you to know is also the most important thing to look for and that is, how many times are they selling the same lead because EXCLUSIVITY is the key. Exclusive Debt Settlement Leads can only be generated from telemarketing. Furthermore, only through the telemarketing process can you phone verify the exclusive debt leads to make sure the customer is not working with any other debt consultants. The exclusive debt leads are then live transferred in real time to your office. Another thing they don’t want you to know is that most debt leads are generated from banner ads and affiliate websites, sometimes promoting services that can not be offered or worse yet, the lead only submits their information in hopes of winning a free Ipod. Lets face it and call a spade a spade, cheap internet leads are just that, “cheap” and telemarketing is clearly the best way to pass off an exclusive debt lead.

Live Transfer Debt Leads

Generating the interest for a debt program is an easy sell when the customer has a genuine need such as, $10,000 or more in unsecured debt and bills piling up. If the lead is interested in the program, the telemarketer will spend about ten minutes on the phone asking quaffing questions to make sure they fit the criteria of an exclusive debt lead before placing the prospect on hold and live transferring the call to an agent in your office, this is called a live transfer debt lead. Live transfer exclusive debt leads assure you that the customer meets the criteria and puts them in front of your sales team while they are hot and ready to move forward. Every live transfer that meets the criteria and is interested the receiving help gets immediately approved!

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