Exorcism Or Spirit Releasement

Has anyone said to you, “You are possessed by the devil.” “Are you possessed?” “What is wrong with you?” Or you might say to yourself:

o “I am not feeling like myself lately.”

o “I seem like a different person these days.”

o “Something has come over me.”

o “I seem to tire easily, but the doctor says there is nothing wrong.”

If one of these statements ring true–with you or anyone you know–there is a strong possibility that a spirit attachment could be involved. Spirit Releasement or Depossession may be advisable.

What is a Spirit attachment?

Simply put a Spirit Attachment, (a.k.a. Entity Attachment or Possession) is the invasion of one’s body by a discarnate being, or an entity, or by negative energies.

What Are the Signs of a Spirit Attachment?

Entities and negative energies can have varying degrees of influence over the person whose body they are residing in–ranging from a mild energy drain to almost total possession (which is extremely rare). Signs include, but are not limited to:

o Hearing voices

o Sudden cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, certain foods etc.–especially after surgery or a traumatic event–childhood or adult

o Sudden weight gain–especially after surgery or a traumatic event

o Fears and phobias

o Deep sadness for no apparent reason

o Sudden changes in behavior–heightened or intense anger, depression and thoughts of suicide

o Serious illness of unknown cause

o Loss of energy

o Inability to keep one’s life working well–many peaks and valleys

o Sudden mood swings for no apparent reason

o Memory and concentration problems–diagnosed as ADD, ADHD

o Unexplained physical problems–pain from an undetermined cause, lupus, fibromyalgia, MS, TMJ

o Migraine headaches

o Night terrors and nightmares

o Panic/anxiety attacks

o Multiple personality type behavior

What Is Spirit Releasement?

Spirit Releasement, (remote depossession), is the process used to release entities from living people. The term ‘remote’ means that the work can be done from a distance. This is possible because the work is done in the higher consciousness. Releasement can also be done directly with the person wishing the procedure. Remote spirit releasement can be done without the conscious knowledge of the person on whom the work is done, but permission is requested from that person’s higher self before the procedure is undertaken.

Who Is Qualified to do Spirit Releasement?

A hypnosis practitioner, who is a Certified Regression practitioner and trained in this procedure and who has knowledge of metaphysics, spirituality, and parapsychology is the only qualified professional to perform a Spirit Releasement.

A Releasement session can be done in 1 ½ hours or as long as 3 – 4 hours–depending on the complexity. Sometimes more than one session is required if there are several attachments, albeit more than one attachment can be released in one session.

How Does Spirit Releasement Compare with Exorcism?

Spirit Releasement is diametrically different from an exorcism. Exorcism, usually performed by a Priest or clergy, is a procedure to cast out demons–using Biblical references and doctrines. Frequently, the person who has the attachment is commanded by the facilitator to confess his/her sins for their demon like behavior. The process is emotionally and physically exhausting–sometimes with lasting guilt, shame, and humiliation associated with the experience. The movie, The Exorcist, based on a true story, is a somewhat exaggerated version of an exorcism.

In a Spirit Releasement process, the hypnosis practitioner accesses the entity through the hypnotized host person. The attached entity uses the host person’s voice, allowing the practitioner to talk to the “attached entity,” thus, helping them to understand their darkness and release them to go to their proper place in the Light only after they have agreed to go. This prevents the entity from returning to the host or to anyone else. The person leaves the session feeling relaxed and relieved as the weight of the entity has been removed.

In cases of an earthbound spirit entity that is not attached, but is around the person, the entity is simply made aware of its situation and lovingly guided into the Light, usually into the care of a loved one who comes to help in the transition.

Curses and negative energies are removed by severing connections and transforming the energies from negative to positive.

Suggested Reading:

Remote Depossession, Irene Hickman, D.O.

The Unquiet Dead, Edith Fiore, Ph.D.

30 Years Among the Dead, Carl A. Wickland, M.D.

Jesus Christ Super Psychic, T. N. Tiemeyer, D.D.

Healing Lost Souls: Releasing Unwanted Spirits From Your Energy Body, William J. Baldwin, Ph.D.

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