Expect Abundance – How to Use Expectation to Trigger the Law of Attraction!

Expecting abundance is a dynamic force. What exactly are you undertaking to create increase? Wealth will not come into your material world until you first expectantly visualize the wealth in your mind.

But exactly what does that mean?

Prospering Internally

Before we can begin to overcome the poverty surrounding us in our external world, we need to claim victory over the impoverishment buried deep within ourselves. Prosperity starts with an inward consciousness of the fact that an unlimited supply abounds from the spiritual realm all around us.

“It’s almost as if there is an invisible reservoir of abundance in the universe that can be tapped if you will just obey certain spiritual laws.” — Norman Vincent Peale

It is not possible to feel poor having an awareness and understanding of being encompassed by the unlimited God of the universe; a God that never ever lacks. The lack that any of us encounter in life is merely brought on because of our own limited awareness.

The Light Bulb Story

There is a story told of a poor couple that moves into a small village and is astonished to discover their new home is lighted by electricity. This couple had no previous knowledge about the power and capacity of electricity and in addition they never observed electric light prior.

Shortly after, they adjust to this new discovery when a salesman recommends that they upgrade their eight watt light bulbs with 60 watt light bulbs; in order to greater satisfy their needs. After the newly purchased light bulb is plugged in, the whole room is illuminated.

The couple never imagined, in their wildest dreams that the source of this new flood of light had been there all the time. They didn’t know this abundant increase of light could come from the same current that was feeding their eight watt light bulb.

Plugging Into Abundance with Expectation

The truth is; most of us are even less aware of the power available to us than this couple was of the electric power current. We just do not imagine that the unlimited, abundant, current which encompasses us could flood our lives with light far more brilliant than the strongest light bulb.

To be able to manifest increase we have to plug a bigger, more prosperous, expectant idea into the current of the unlimited abundance of God. Sorry to say though, the majority of us strangle our supply with negative energized thoughts associated with uncertainty, fear, and also poverty; which in turn simply cuts off the inflow of prosperity.

Today can be your time to exchange that negative, chronic, routine of thinking. Try to remember, the stream of plenty flows in the direction of the expectant mind. We need to live by faith expecting to receive.

Securely establish the desired end goal within your mind and live expectant. Expect good things to happen. Expect to be blessed. Envision already being in possession of wealth and create the prosperity you desire in your mind first. Recognize where you are, know where you are going, and expect to get there!

Permit your expectation to activate the attractive force that will help move your desired goals in your direction.

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” — Proverbs 23:7

Let the law of attraction help manifest your prosperous thoughts.

Remember: As you think means the innermost thoughts of your heart; which you control. That is what you expect, what you attract, and what you will eventually receive.

May you live by faith, expecting to attract a life of growing prosperity!

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