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Hi everyone,

I want to to talk about taking an idea and turning it into reality. Providing a value to the customer. Not just providing a value, but changing the way that we live and enjoy our lives. If we stop to think who has really been successful we find that those people have created and offered new ideas to our way of life.Instead of getting up day after day and going to work and doing the same old routine they have envisioned there ideas and worked to bring them to reality. Just imagine if we all did just that the world would be a much better place and we would live much more fulfilling lives.

I want you to think about something. When we turn on our television what do we see. We see many TV shows, informative specials, documentaries, movies and much more. Let’s look at this. Think about things that you use everyday. Lets look at the cell phone. Someone had an idea and it derived from a simple concept. Many years ago this man was jogging down the beach and saw something that he had not noticed before. He thought to himself man people are on the move. People are not stationary. People are mobile. The idea hit him like a ton of bricks. Now he envisioned an idea and never in a million years would he have foreseen it to grow into such a global communication factor. The cell phone is something that we take for granted. You can buy one anywhere. Most people don’t even have a land line. It contains so many features. It has developed from just being a way to communicate to basically a mini computer(PDA). From this one idea we have changed the face of global communication. We have been able to stimulate commerce( buying and selling from our cell phones online resource), we are able to capture images of our families and loved ones, keep ourselves organized, and much more. All of this made possible from a simple idea.

Many years ago a man was with his daughter enjoying a day at the park. His daughter was playing by herself on the monkey bars and walks over to her dad and ask him” daddy come play with me” He had a thought that immediately come to mind. A park where adults and children can play together. A theme park. This would embody so many things. Children are constant dreamers and fantasize about many things.He would have to create a land where adults would almost become children again. He set out on a life journey. He had many obstacles, but his determination and his envision of the ultimate goal kept him going forward. He created a lot of the characters by diving into his childhood. He new this would have to be a common ground for adults and children to reach the same level. This level of enjoyment. When he opened it was a great success. His idea not only made him successful, but spawned many more theme parks and many more concepts for new creations. His company grows because of ideas and constantly integrating those ideas. It all stems from happiness. When you think of Disney you think of being in a place where you can become a kid and explore you fantasies. Every adult who experienced Disney when they were a child will always come back and bring there children. Think of life before Disney. Not much fun. In my opinion Walt Disney is a pioneer. We should all look up to him. His company will continue to grow because people need to enjoy there lives. Happiness is what everyone searches for in there own way.

When we envision an idea it’s like a child sitting in class and daydreaming, but as adults we have the opportunity to see that idea come to life. Success is not just having money or making money. It’s creating an environment or a resource through ideas and then envisioning those ultimate goals and working to achieve them.

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