FAFSA College Codes – Know Your College Codes For Financial Aid

The first thing you’ll notice on the FAFSA is that there is a section that requires your name, Social Security number, and address where you live. Another thing that is necessary is having access to the school codes which represent a college that you are attending.

Here’s a simple way to have these codes ready when you are filling out the free application for Federal student aid or FAFSA.

When you go to the FAFSA website, there will be several drop-down menus. There is also a set of links on the left where you can click to go to different pages. You would want to click on the one that is called federal school codes search.

When she went there there are two options each with a drop-down menu. The first one asked you which school year you are applying for. You will want to apply for this school year and the next.

Next you want to do a search for the exact Federal school code that applies to your college or university. That is the second drop-down search for that particular code which is broken down into the 50 states.

Once you have completed other information such as the school you are in now, what city the school is in, and a variety of other information, you will then go to the subsequent pages to finish this part of the application.

It doesn’t have to be hard, but the vast amount of information that is necessary can be troubling. Finding your FAFSA College codes, however, is one of the easier parts of this application and by spending just 45 minutes to an hour, you can be on your way toward a free college education.

Source by Kelly Thompsan

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