Family Water Park Holidays

If you are looking for a holiday this year where your children can frolic in the water, safe and sound while you top up your tan, then why not visit a water park in America? There are lots of choices that will provide fun for all the family, so why not try one out?

Schlitterbahn Water park Resort – Located in Texas, this is constantly polled to be the best water park in the USA, and its great fun for families. There are two parks which sprawl over sixty five acres of land, and you can take along a picnic to save on money. The park also offers free parking which is an added bonus.

Noah’s Ark – in Wisconsin, there is a specific area designated for little children, where they can enjoy the thrills on a smaller, safer scale. Ride the SpongeBob SquarePants ride to the bottom of the sea.

Zoombezi Bay – Sitting in Ohio, it has fifteen slides and a lazy creek for bathing,. If your children have had enough of the sun and the water then you can visit the zoo next door to keep them occupied.

Blizzard Beach – among the plethora of sightseeing on Orlando, there is a great Disney water park, with a snow castle fountain and water slides. The kid’s area is welcoming and there will be lots of other children to keep them amused.

Six Flags – Atlanta offers loads of preschool friendly attractions to keep the little ones entertained, as well as some more adult rides to prevent boredom in your teenagers, like the runaway river.

If you are planning on travelling to any of these destinations this summer, make sure that you have valid Travel Insurance.

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