FapWinner Review

FapWinner is a membership club of Forex traders. It’s run by Charles Floyd, a veteran trader and an expert in automatic trading systems. Fap Winner is also known as FAPUG which stands for Forex Auto Pilot Users Group. 

This club was started when Charles Floyd took the well know ForexAutoPilot trading robot and created a new and improved version of it. He named it FAPTS, Forex Auto Pilot Trading Strategy. FAPTS is a unique collection of settings for the original robot which make it trade better in certain market conditions.

Since then, two more automatic trading tools were added to Fap Winner: a hedging EA which can help you limit your potential losses and the Fap Turbo robot, widely considered the most popular and successful trading robot in the world.

This array of tools is remarkable, but this isn’t why FapWinner has such positive reviews. Over time, a community of traders has developed in Fap Winner which is comprised of serious traders who wish to hone their skills and make more money on the Forex market. Unlike many online Forums, since Fap Winner is a paid for club, you get a higher level of traders and a smaller, tightknit group which truly helps its members.

In addition to the trading tools and the community, the support given by Charles Floyd and his staff is remarkable. There are periodical sessions with trading tips, news analysis, 1 on 1 coaching sessions, and trading seminars around the world.

Naturally, really getting into Fap Winner does take some time and effort so make sure you’re ready for that. You need to be willing to immerse yourself in Forex for this to be beneficial to you. Otherwise it’s just a waste of your time and money.

However, if you do feel that it’s time to take your trading to a whole new level, then FapWinner is an excellent club to be a member of.

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