Five Interesting Little Known Facts About Wenatchee, Washington

Wenatchee, Washington is a fun city to visit with a great many things to do. Some of the fun things to do there can be found inside the city limits, while others are located in the surrounding area. Here is a look at five little known facts about the city of Wenatchee.

#1 The Rock Island Dam was completed in 1936 just south of Wenatchee. Fourteen dams cross the Columbia River at various spots between British Columbia and where it empties into the Pacific Ocean. Of all those important hydroelectric structures, the Rock Island Dam was the first to ever do so.

#2 Bud Sagendorf, the writer and artist responsible for creating the Popeye comic strip from 1945 on, was born in Wenatchee in 1915.

#3 Located just south of Wenatchee is the very popular Mission Ridge Ski Area. On the upper slopes of the mountain there is still wreckage visible from a 1944 crash of a B-24 Liberator heavy bomber. A wing of the bomber was removed from the hillside and now sits in the lodge down below.

#4 Wenatchee Valley College began in 1939 as a private college that operated in the third floor of the first Wenatchee High School building. It was relocated to its current location two years later and it was then that it joined Washington State’s public education system.

#5 Though Wenatchee has a population in the 30,000 range, the local Apple Blossom Festival that is organized each and every year, seriously increases the population by attracting approximately 100,000 people to town for the two week long celebration.

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