Fridge Magnets As An Advertising Tool – Does It Work?

Fridge magnets are gaining in popularity as a way to advertise a business. The one question that many people have is if it actually works. Although there are no guarantees on any advertising options, fridge magnets have a very successful track record for a number of reasons.

Refrigerators are one of those items that every household has. It is also located in a heavily traveled area and has many people opening and shutting it every day. Because of this, companies have decided to include these magnets in the reach of their advertising.

Each time someone walks up to the refrigerator, they will see the magnetic advertisement- depending on where they put the actual magnet. It is very common to place fridge magnets on the front of the refrigerator rather than on the side which means it is very possible that a person would see the advertisement every time. Once a person grabs what they need out of the fridge, they shut the door and have an opportunity to see the magnet advertisement once again. Every single time someone heads toward the refrigerator, this process happens.

Consider the fact that people go into the kitchen for many other reasons. One of these reasons is to wash their hands. Other reasons people go in the kitchen is to make a meal, do the dishes, get a cup or utensils and much more. If the fridge is in the garage, there are many other opportunities to see the advertisement as well. No matter where the advertising fridge magnets are located, they will gain a ton of exposure.

Many people choose to create business card fridge magnets as a replacement or addition to the traditional business card. There are benefits to this including the fact that it will not get damaged. This route is highly successful because, unlike a paper business card, the magnet does not usually get misplaced. If someone picks up a card and then sets it down after a number has been dialed, there is a greater chance that it will be lost and not available for future use. When people refer to fridge magnets, it usually remains on the fridge because they walk up to it, dial the number and then walk away.

There are many ways that fridge magnets can be effective. It is important to identify a target market before deciding on which style to go with. Some companies get a huge return for using magnetic calendars or photo frames while others fair better with a simple business card look.

Choosing fridge magnets as a medium to advertise through is an excellent idea. It provides a huge amount of exposure which lasts a long time and brands the company name, logo and slogan multiple times daily to the people who see it.

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