Global Domains International Review

Anyone that has been online for any length of time evaluating affiliate programs you will eventually run into someone marketing GDI. This article is going to answer the basic questions about GDI. Is this Business opportunity a scam? Do they have a product or service that is worthwhile? What is the potential of this opportunity? I will seek to answer these questions as objectively as possible.

You are probably already considering if GDI is a meaningful home business or a just another scam! Before GDI is classified as a scam, there’s some things one should consider. First, are they providing a valuable product or are they one of those MLM companies or a pyramid scheme that’s designed to take your money solely for recruiting without any product or service? GDI or Global Domains International is a domain registar and web hosting company. They have genuine leadership at the corporate level and they want their affiliate to succeed.

Free website hosting can be found on the internet, but there are a number of things you forfeit by going with free web hosting. With free web host providers, there is always some form of cost believe it or not. They usually display advertisements on your website. You’ll have to upgrade in order to have the adverts removed.

At first, having ads on your website may not seem to be a challenge. However, if this site is your main business portal and hub, you just might end up advertising your biggest competitor. Not to mention with a free web host, you don’t have complete ownership of the site. Even with blogger accounts, you have to share your AdSense profits with Google 50-50. If you are an serious online business owner, your main website should be one you own.

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