Global Warming – An Issue With Lots of Confusion

A small change may leads to a dig difference in our life, as little change in our regular life can change the whole routine of our life. Though at initial stage we find it difficult to cope up with the small change, but gradually we get adjusted to it. However, certain changes are for our good sake whether certain are not. For example: Global warming, which is defiantly not a good change in environmental scenario that leads to climate change and causes many problems.

Global warming is a burning issue that is affecting the lives of every living thing in this world to a large extent. It may leads to many changes, such as: physical, ecological, social or economic. The result of climate change can be seen in the instrumental temperature record, rising sea levels, and decreased snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere etc.

Though we can’t suddenly eradicate the affects of climate warming, but we surely can reduce them by our own efforts. Most of the causes that result global warming are the result of human activity, such as: pollution, tree cutting, over population etc.

There are some people are there who don’t believe in the concept of climate warming and think that all the news related Climate change is just hype. Anyway, their thought is not going to fact of global warming. However, the main thing is that whether it’s the pollution or any other reason that has contributed to the Climate warming, it will ultimately affect the whole environment.

climate warming is creating many other issues around world, such as: economic, social, environmental etc. It is predicted that as a result of climate warming, sea level will rise, and there would be a probability of increase in the frequency of some extreme weather events.

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