Goal Setting – 3 Things to Avoid, 3 Things to Do

There are traps that are easy to fall into when setting and hitting your goals. They can completely derail your successful achievement or unnecessarily delay it. Here are three pitfalls and the solutions that you can use to avoid them:

Pitfall: Unclear Objectives. Without a clear goal you will get side tracked. Eventually the concerns of day to day living will crowd out weak ambitions. You cannot stay focused on a goal that is fuzzy from the start. Without focus you don’t stand a chance of giving it the dedication and determination that it requires.

Solution: Get a specific goal at which to aim all of your attention and effort towards. When your target is clearly defined it is easier to garner all of your energy towards bringing it to fruition.

Pitfall: Lack of Action. Without action your goal doesn’t stand a chance of being accomplished. Having a desire without the corresponding dedication and work leads to frustration. There are other dangers as well. You will begin to wait for your ship to come in. The years will go by and you will end up disappointed. Resentment may begin to build because you are not getting your goal. This leads to a negative attitude and bitterness.

Solution: Once you have your goal identified begin taking action. Dedicate yourself to doing the work on a consistent basis. Your work is the currency that you pay in advance in order to receive successful results. You will have to pay a price for what you want and work is one of the ways in which you pay it.

Pitfall: Lack of Persistence. Just when success is attainable most people quit. All of the work, time and money that went into that goal attempt gets wiped away by a decision made at a low point in the journey. When you are faced with difficult times during your quest to hit your goals it easy to contemplate quitting. Everything and everybody is telling you to back off. You are being told that you cannot do it. You entertain the repercussions of what would happen if you cave and listen to the negative messages. If you decide to quit then at that moment everything that you worked for is thrown away. Not only do you fail at that goal you inadvertently set a pattern for losing in the future as well. Quitting becomes a habit.

Solution: After you have begun then you need to commit to sticking with your efforts to achieve your goal. You cannot give in, give up or give out. Do not give yourself the option of quitting. If you believed you could do it before you started and your plan is solid then you owe it to yourself to hang in there until you hit your goal. Sometimes what seems to be real isn’t. Just because you feel too tired to go on does not mean that you cannot go on. Press on. Just take one more step towards what you want to accomplish. Then after that take another step. The fatigue will pass and you will find yourself another step closer to success. Eventually you will achieve your objective. You will be so proud of yourself for having fought through the resistance in order hit your goal.

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