Goal Setting – A Four Step Process

You might have come across a lot of personality development trainers lamenting that most of the people do not bother to set goals for themselves. If this is true, then the question is: what stops people from setting goals? Since so much has been said and written by so many people about the benefits and importance of goal setting, why is it that people do not take this seriously? The reason is that many people do not know how to set goals. They are clueless as to where to begin and how to proceed.

This article will outline a four step process for setting and achieving goals. Anyone can follow these steps and get success in their objective of setting goals and reaching them.

1) Identify your passions: When you want to set goals for your life, you should choose an area of your interest. In fact, you should select a field for which you have a passion. All of us have certain interests, certain skills and certain inborn traits. Unfortunately, many of these are buried deep in our minds and we may not even be aware of them. Therefore the first task is to dig them out. Think of the things you have always wanted to do, your haunting desires and your passions that have been dominating your mind right from your childhood days. What were your dreams? What were the roles you cherished playing? Who were the people you admired and wanted to emulate?

Answers to these kinds of questions can reveal you a lot about what your real interests are. Write down the answers that come to your mind lest you should miss some of the crucial ones. Keep doing this exercise at least for a few days because you may not get all the answers at a time. Things that lie buried in the depths of your mind may take some time to rise up to the surface and reveal themselves. After writing down all answers that flash on your mind’s screen, go through the answers several times. You will get some refreshingly revealing ideas about some of your deeply felt desires, feelings and passions.

2) Select a target: Once you have identified your passions, you have to zero in on your goal from among the things that excite you. It is possible that you have already chosen a career path and the passion you have identified points to a different path. You can still choose to achieve something in the field of your interest in spite of your spending a major part of your time in a different activity as dictated by your profession.

3) Set a time frame: Decide on a point of time in the future when you would like to reach your goals. Both your goal and your time should be specific. ‘I will write a book soon’ is not a specific goal. ‘I will write a book of 500 pages on Communication Skills by the end of 2011’ is a specific goal.

4) Devise an action plan and start working: An action plan to achieve your goal should be prepared with time based targets. And the most important step is to take action as per your plan.

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