Goal Setting and Other Ingredients For Success

Have you ever wondered why so many people set goals yet many people don’t achieve most of what they set out to do?

If you’ve wondered why and even despaired over the fact that you did not achieve many of your goals don’t lose heart.

It turns out that most people–including very successful people–don’t achieve most of what they set out to do.

Then what makes them so successful?

They know how to build on their successes.  They know how to stick with something past the initial difficult stages.  And they know when to quit when something doesn’t work.

One great example is Charles Goodyear who figured out how to make rubber useful for all mankind.

He spent 17 years mixing different chemicals together with rubber to make it a durable material instead of a material that would crack in the cold or turn to a gummy mess in the heat of the summer.

Finally after 17 years he accidentally burned some of the rubber and noticed that it kept it’s shape afterwards.  Thus, the vulcanization process for rubber was born.

After this he was able to patent his process for making rubber.  And I wish I could say all was well after that.  But it wasn’t.

He was a terrible businessman and only with the help of friends who guided him was he able to avoid having is invention stolen right out from under him as some unscrupulous businessmen tried to avoid paying licensing fees owed to him.

At the end of his life Goodyear still was not a wealthy man as although he had persistence he did not know how to build on his past success with creating a process to make tough rubber.

Are you a Charles Goodyear?  Have you failed to capitalize on your successes?  If so, this simple exercise can help you.

List some successes you’ve had.

Then next to each success list what you did to capitalize on it.  Then next to that list what more you could have done to continue to capitalize on it.

Now resolve to take just one small action to build upon a past success this week.  Set a deadline and get it done.

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