Goal-Setting Secrets For Chiropractors in 2010

I’ve studied goal-setting and goal-achievement pretty extensively over the past decade. And, as someone who regularly communicates with well over 7,000 chiropractors on a weekly basis, I believe I have a unique perspective on what it truly takes for docs to accomplish their annual goals and ambitions.

First, immediately dump the idea of creating and using a lengthy list of all of the things you want to accomplish this year as your achievement guide. An attempt to focus on too many ambitions will almost always result in a lack of focus and accomplishment with any of them.

Instead, take out a blank piece of paper and divide it into 4 quadrants labeled: Health Goals, Wealth Goals, Financial Goals, Social Goals. Then, within each category write down your top 2-3 goals for this year. This will not only ensure you limit your efforts to a maximum of 8-12 high-priority goals, it also ensures you maintain a balanced lifestyle.

I was first exposed to this little method of goal-setting by one of my mentors, MM, and have since been quite impressed with its simplicity and power. But, frankly, goal-setting alone without a plan for achievement is worthless. So let’s discuss the easiest and most effective method I’ve used, and have seen used, to ensure you actually go on to achieve those 8-12 goals you divided among those 4 quadrants.

After you’ve decided on your top 8-12 annual goals, it’s now time to decide on the 12 milestones you’ll need to hit throughout the year (each month) to progress to the “finish line”.

In other words, you need to determine what outcome has to occur each month (for each of your annual goals) so by year’s-end you’ve accomplished all of them. If, for example, one of your goals is to write a book about spinal health, each of your 12 milestones could be a completed chapter. On a separate piece of paper or index card, write each of the 12 milestones down.

Once you’ve noted your monthly milestones, it’s now time to decide what needs to be accomplished in the upcoming week to move you closer to the needed monthly outcome. In essence, here, you’re really just breaking down the monthly milestones into weekly objectives. You don’t have to plan and plot out each week in advance. This can simply be done at the beginning of each week after a brief review of your monthly milestones and an assessment of where you’re at with each for the month. Once decided, write your weekly objectives on a separate piece of paper.

Finally, every day – using your weekly list of objectives -write down on a separate piece of paper or index card what specific tasks need to be done today to progress toward the accomplishment of each weekly objective. Then, put each and every one of the tasks into your daily calendar for today with a specific start and stop time.

Every morning for the rest of the week, consult the sheet of paper with your weekly objectives written on them to determine what tasks needed to be completed by day’s end. At the end of each week, take out a separate sheet of paper and write down the following week’s objectives to hit while reviewing your monthly milestones.

What I really like about this simple method of chiropractic goal-setting and goal achievement is that it keeps your most important initiatives out in-front of you every single day. And, it gives you a clear and specific guidepost for what needs to be done daily to make progress toward your most important chiropractic marketing and practice–building goals every single day.

As long as you make the commitment to accomplish everyone of those daily tasks each day… by the end of the year you’re guaranteed to achieve all of your most important chiropractic marketing and practice-building goals.

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