Goal Setting – "The Magic Pixie Dust to Success" in Network Marketing

Why do we need goals? How do we set them and achieve them? How do we now that the goal itself is the right goal for us to achieve what we ultimately want?

The answers to these questions are easier than some might think. For some people, this very concept may be the block that is holding them back from success. Let’s explore this a little further.

Goal setting is the number one factor for motivation and achieving what you want. You must first clearly define what it is that really moves you – this is different for everyone so it must be done by you. Your goal should make you feel very uncomfortable in the “how am I going to do this”. It should be so big in your mind that your palms sweat, your heart races, your mind is going a million miles an hour, and creates excitement within you. This is the ultimate goal for you.

It could be a goal for one year or even five years from now and you know, no matter what, you will achieve this. This goal is your ultimate driving force to success. Without this key ingredient, motivation is not there. Create excitement for yourself from this. Go over it daily. Feel it, see it, touch it, hear it, have it come alive in all your senses. Be in tune with it so much, that it is a part of your life right now. When you achieve it, it will seem like no big deal because it has been a part of you for so long. That is the #1 key to goal setting in the big sense of the term.

Now let’s break it down a bit. Smaller goal setting will be the “baby steps” to achieving the big goal. Set 30 day, 60 day, 90 day, 120 day goals that will bring you the big goal that makes you sweat and brings a smile to your face and to your heart at the same time.

Another important part of this whole process is putting these goals down in writing. It could be anywhere. I suggest some 3×5 index cards. Keep them handy and refer to them at least 3 times a day. Put them in your wallet or on the fridge or on your desk. Go over them in your mind and “feel” the goal as it is already in your life, right now.

Some of you doubting Thomas’ are saying to yourself right now – “Yeah, I have been doing that for some time and not getting the results I want”. So what.

Don’t attach yourself to the time frame of the goal – attach yourself to the goal.

So what if you don’t achieve your 30 day goal in 30 days. Reset it for another 30 days and keep going forward. Eventually you will get there.

These shorter goals should make you feel that they are very easily attainable. The long term goal is the one that makes you sweat. Remember, “baby steps”. The short term goals are the road map to the ultimate big goal. Plan carefully and make the short goals easy.

Soon the big goal won’t seem so big at all. It is easy. Keep reminding yourself of this. It is easy and a free flowing experience.

This concept of goal setting can be applied to anything – finding the right mate, the right car, starting a new business, changing careers, etc.

I use this concept every day in my own successful network marketing business. This is the “magic pixie dust” that everyone who comes to network marketing is looking for. So ask yourself this “Do I do this every day?”

Get clear on your goals (crystal clear), set the bar high, and see your road to success and a better life!

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