Goal Setting – The Secret Skill of Guitar Success

Today more and more people are discovering that the secret skill of any success is effective goal setting. By understanding the role that goals play in your guitar education you can greatly speed up your progress. The dedicated guitarist will find goals to provide structure, daily incentives, and a clear record of their progress. This article will look at each of these in aspects goals to hopefully convince guitarists to reap the full benefit of goal setting.

First off, goal setting helps the guitarist to avoid aimless drifting through the vast ocean of guitar techniques by keeping them focused on the method or materials they are following. Each week the student should mark out the amount of material that can be realistically covered and write it in their notebook. If the material was not covered by the weeks end, then an assessment must be made as to whether it was because of a lack of effort or if it was simply too much material. The material can then adjusted for the following week. By using proper goal setting with the structure supplied by the method, the student ensures that proper focus and direction is maintained.

Second, by having a set amount of work written out to cover each week the student has a personal incentive to practice daily and accomplish the goals for the week. When a student taking formal lessons is given an assignment for the week, they know that they will have to demonstrate that they’ve accomplished the lesson. The weekly goals should be given the same importance in the mind of the student. With this in mind, it may be best to keep the early goal setting exercises simple so that by completing them you build confidence and dedication to your goals you set.

Finally as you write your weekly goal assignment is your notebook you are creating a record of your progress. This record becomes important because it can motivate you if you ever lose sight of how far you really come. It can also serve to help maintain the overall structure by adding an overview of the weekly goals. This overview can provide help to locate areas of confusion and trouble.

Now you can see three areas where definite study goals will help you reach the heights of your guitar desires. By maintaining the structure, the incentive, and by providing a record of your progress your new found goal-setting skills will help to guarantee that you will soon be amazing your friends and family with your virtuoso guitar skills.

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