Goal Setting Tips – The Carrot

In the past, one way to get a horse to run was to put a carrot tied to a stick in front of the horse so it would run to get the carrot. The horse could never get it, and that is what would keep the horse moving.

Sometimes we need that carrot. Life can get dull when we are not pursuing something. I was talking with some coaching clients for whom life had gotten boring. They had the car they wanted, they had the pool and the house they wanted, and they really were not doing much. They were living their life and stuck in a pattern. We shook up their life and worked on dreams, focus, and talking about where they were going to go and what they were going to do.

We need to get that carrot once in a while. Whether we are trying to get motivated, or get some extra energy to keep us moving towards our dreams, we need that carrot out there to look at and to keep us going.

From a metaphysical perspective, it helps. Thoughts are things, and beliefs make them so, and we can manifest. We need some motivation. Some physical things are great, like traveling or a new car: there is nothing wrong with that since it is not spiritual to be poor. These things can be our carrot to get us motivated.

Get focused

Focus on what you desire. Aimlessly shooting for goals shotgun style does not work. Instead, we need a laser focus. If you have not written out what you are after, today is the day to start writing your goals and get focused on what you want to accomplish.

Get the big reason why

Why do you want to have the carrot? Maybe it is for motivation, to have something just for fun, or to have an experience that you want to have. This is perfectly fine, and all part of your life experience.

The reason why is going to propel you in the times when things do not seem to be going right. At these times, you will go back and look at the reason why. You will get the big why. This will give you the laser focus even when you think you do not have the energy.

Keep moving forward

We want to progress. We do not want to backslide. We want to keep moving forward with 1% improvement every day. Make sure not to cloud what is happening with judgement. We may see something that is not taking us towards the dream as something that is negative, where in reality it is taking us forward. Remove the judgement, and do daily activities that take us towards the goal.

What you focus on is all around

Anthony Robbins talks about the Reticular Activating System (RAS), which you activate when you focus on a goal. If you are trying to lose weight, suddenly everywhere you go there seems to be information about losing weight. If you buy something, you start seeing it everywhere, whereas before the purchase you did not see it anywhere.

When you focus on a goal, your brain starts working and the Universe starts working for you, and bringing things into your life. You will not backslide or take two steps backward, you will keep moving forward. Keep in your mind that you are progressing, and be thankful that it is already occurring. You cannot give up when working towards your goals.

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