Goal Setting Using the VIPER Method

As important as it is to ensure that you are creating and writing down your goals, it can at times be frustrating. Only a small percentage of the world population actually performs goal setting effectively.

There are several methods that one can use to ensure that you can consistently achieve your goals.

V-I-P-E-R is a 5-step model, which lists the five crucial steps for successful goal accomplishment. It is a guide that you can use when determining your goals setting process.

These five steps are:

Visualize: Truly visualize the goal. This is an important and crucial step. What does achieving this goal look like? How will it make you feel?

Implement: Implement techniques to succeed in the goal. What competencies do you need to make this goal possible? Who can you talk to that can help you? What books or blogs can help you gain the skills required?

Planning: distinguish planning factors based on the techniques. Now plan it out. Determine the steps that will be required with timelines.

Execution: Get moving on the plan and goal. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to start. It will not happen. Start today.

Recap: Evaluate the outcome and future steps. Ensure that you are measuring your progress on a continuous basis. How are you doing? Do you need to modify your plan? Set benchmarks throughout the process and celebrate when those benchmarks are achieved.

VIPER is actually a term that can be used for several different things… snakes, cars airplanes… things with power. With VIPER, you’ll discover that it gives you the might to crack even what appeared to be the most difficult goals in the past. Goals you never believed possible will begin coming within your reach. I personally utilize this framework to accomplish my long-term goals and it’s worked marvels in achieving my goals. I also combine the VIPER method with SMART goals.

Don’t let the simpleness of the model fool you. While these five steps appear very easy by themselves, they’re the core of successful goal achievements, particularly for big goals where the ‘What’ and ‘How’ toward accomplishing them becomes subtle. That being stated, VIPER isn’t a miracle pill which omits the hard work to accomplish goals. VIPER isn’t an elixir which lets you accomplish your goals without hoisting a finger. At the end of the day, you still need to put in the time and energy for your goals.

But with VIPER, you’ll discover the goal accomplishment to be significantly simpler. Rather than success being a random, hit-or-miss event, it will become a predictable, securable outcome.

You’ll begin seeing your goals come to fruition and wonder why you fought so long with them in the first place.

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