Gold and Silver Coins – The Right Investment?

Coin collectors or coin dealers search around for the best investment they can. They look for bargains at flea markets, coin shows, and yard sales. The coin itself may not be of any value but the metal in which it inhibits can be worth quite a few dollars. Gold and silver coins trade back and forth on the open market everyday. The prices of these two precious metals seem to soar minute by minute. Gold and Silver coins were the first cash pioneers, to come on the scene, before explosion of the paper dollar. The history, the making and the trading of these coins date back to the Greeks, and the Romans.

In the 1930 after much controversy, the right to own gold was illegal. Many of these precious coins were melted, and forbidden to be owned, by individuals. In the middle part of 1970, the right to acquire gold (once again) soon came into play. Since that, time the price of gold is continuing increasing from a mere $20 per ounce to nearly $1,000 per ounce. The price of silver will continue to soar over time, just as the price of gold will continue to increase. Gold and Silver coins such as the Peace Silver Dollar, the St Gaudens $20 Gold coin and the American Eagle silver dollar are coins that makes history memorable.

Wise consumers, who wish to invest in their retirement, look into the purchasing of gold and silver coins, as part of their investment portfolio. Starting out with one or two coins is good for starter, especially for those individuals who are not familiar with gold and silver coins, and their current or potential value. The longer these coins are kept the more their monetary value will increase. All throughout history Silver was traded at $1 per ounce, but now Silver is worth about $20 per ounce, and its’ value just keep on increasing.

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