Gratitude Is A Causal Energy

One of the first Laws of Manifestation is the alignment of personal energy with Universal Energy, or the Divine (however you choose to define it.) If your personal energy does not match what you intend to create, it simply cannot exist on the material plane. You can visualize all you want, but it refuses to take form until there is a congruent energy match; as above, so below, as within, so without.

While at first this dilemma may seem daunting, don’t despair! There is a shortcut that works quickly and powerfully to accelerate the process of getting your own energy to match 100% with what you want. The shortcut will be revealed in just a moment.

Want the secret to getting your own energy to match what you want? First of all, the feeling of thankfulness or appreciation is expansive; it opens your heart and opens unseen doors in many dimensions that allow it to expand. You might say (and some have) that Gratitude is the “secret code” that unlocks the door to prosperity.

Just as an experiment, you might try holding both the feelings of thankfulness and anger in your heart at the same time. You may find it impossible. You have to choose one or the other; you cannot hold them both simultaneously.

Here, then, is the shortcut I promised: generate the energy of appreciation, thankfulness or gratitude. Should you choose thankfulness (highly recommended), commit to keeping that energy clear and strong in your heart. Everyone has at least one thing for which they can feel and express gratitude. Find something for which you can appreciate right now, and focus on it. Then, allow the energy of gratitude to expand.

Replace any other thoughts that arise with memories of a time when you were completely filled with gratitude. Generate feelings of appreciation for who and what you are, for the family and friends that make your life sweet, for all the good things that have come to you over the years, and/or for all that you have left, if things or people have been removed from your life. (And in some cases, you may feel grateful for that too!)

Some people like to keep a daily gratitude journal, to list every day what they appreciate and feel thankful to have in their lives. Others like to start their day with a prayer of appreciation for all that they have been given. However you approach the work of keeping an energy of gratitude in your life, notice the relationship between how often you generate that energy and what comes into your experience. Also experiment with bringing more gratitude-energy into your life, to see what happens.

The “secret code” for manifestation is as close as you need it to be and available any time you choose. Choose wisely and manifest more of what you want in life.

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