Great Digital Marketing Is Like Dating

When you read the next sentence, which topic are we talking about, Marketing or Dating? Think of something that that makes everybody a little bit nervous, anxious, excited and hacks usually think they’re good at it, but aren’t. If you guessed dating, you’re correct. If you guessed digital marketing, you’re correct. It’s interesting how similar these two actually are, because usually, getting someone to go out on a date with you requires good marketing.

There is a concept called The Draw, Comfort, and Close that was discussed in detail in Digital or Death, and this will provide a sneak preview into the process of great digital marketing, or for those that are interested, better success at dating.

The concept of content is thrown around a lot these days, but having constant interesting content will set you apart.


To get anyone interested in what you are selling, you need to be able to Draw your audience in and get them interested in what you are selling.

Great Digital Marketing: This might be an offer, showcase of value, or even your brand. Also, keeping everything fresh is key.

Great Dating: How you look, what you are wearing and maybe your perfume/cologne(much like digital marketing, too much is too much). Fresh is also important here, and Brut 33 smells old because it is old.


Once you have them interested, you need to make them feel comfortable with what you’re selling.

Great Digital Marketing: Provide supporting landing and sales pages, credibility from media sources, testimonials, price comparisons and customer ratings.

Great Dating: You know how to have a conversation that allows your date to get to know you. You’re a nice person, you come from a good background, you actually have friends and they are good people. A good sense of humor won’t hurt either.


OK, you have them interested and they are feeling very comfortable, but how do you close the sale?

Great Digital Marketing: Easy next steps, rockstar customer service, simple checkout process that continues to make the customer comfortable along the way. If the close is not a sale through e-commerce, the next steps should be as easy as picking up the phone and speaking to someone immediately, or filling out a submission form to give them what they want.

Great Dating: This is obviously a bit more sensitive but if someone is interested and feels comfortable, then just ask for the date. It’s that simple.

When you look at digital marketing in this way, it doesn’t seem so daunting. In fact, it should probably seem as easy as dating. If you find dating difficult, it’s probably because you are missing a few parts of the Draw, Comfort, and Close so fix them the best way you can.

Finally, there are certain things that are not part of this great digital marketing infographic that are absolutely important, such as testing and creating interesting content to continually draw in new potential customers. The concept of content is thrown around a lot these days, but having constant interesting content will set you apart. So don’t be a hack. Put together a great digital marketing strategy that takes advantage of the Draw, Comfort and Close. It will make you and your company a formidable digital marketer, and for all of you single folks out there, it just might turn you into a Don Juan or Don Juanita!

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