Guillermo Haro’s Resilient Faith

Since when was the last time you prayed to God? Three times a day? Do you talk to God once a week or once a day? Or do you only approach him when you have problems or blessings? Each and every one of us has different views of faith, different Gods, and different practices but one thing holds us together when it comes to praying. We pray because we believe that by talking to Him, we might solve our problems right away, or He might guide us on what to do. One person I know who has strong belief is Guillermo Haro. A man can only withstand such pressure and pain if his faith is unshaken.

When problems come and everything we do seems useless, we often question God and ask him why it is happening to us. This is a common reaction for a normal person because humans as we are, we tend to lose our faith when we feel pain. Then we follow it by asking God what did we do wrong and why is He punishing us like this. Again, people decide his own fate and it is not right to blame God for everything. Guillermo Haro also encountered such problems but he never sees it as burden. In fact, he view it as challenges to be overcame which later on strengthen one’s faith.

Great people, famous scientist, mad geniuses, and normal persons are equally important in the eyes of God thus it means no one has immunity to problems. Guillermo Haro never let this obstacles ruin his race and in fact, it made him stronger with each trials he faced. He has a resilient faith which is a key to success and happiness. You can never live happily if you don’t fear God among others.

Source by Ron Badilles

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