Healing Our Minds With The Wonders of Nature

We wanted to just “get away” from the negative COVID19 environment hovering over us with the hostility of riots, media lies; find the beauty and be grateful for living.

We got into the Big Blue Ram Truck not knowing where we were going. Driving up the mountainous winding road without a plan or destination we felt as though we were driving toward the heavens. This was a Freedom Day. A day to heal our mind.

Along the we way we passed beautiful picturesque mountains of purple, blue and hundreds of shades of green; God’s Beautiful Work of Art.

We saw sunflower gardens with majestic dark green stalks blooming happily as the yellow, gold and red colors lifted up toward the sun relishing each warm glorious ray.

The higher we drove into the mountains the less air conditioning we needed in the truck. Temperatures dropped ten degrees within minutes.

We past The Old General Store with its rustic framed wood and an old tin roof. What a beautiful site. (Wish I had taken a photo). Along the way, a small cheese factory nestled back in the mountain at the end of a winding dirt road. Where did these mountain folks find this variety of delicious cheese?

Further up the road, an Antique Shop displayed old farmers plows, and other farm equipment on the porch where the owner had left them to entice potential customers.

With each winding curve came another delightful surprise of beauty. We enjoyed mountainous grazing lands filled with hundreds of head of cattle filling their bellies with home-grown mountain grass.

Several miles away we saw an exceptionally large herd of big fat wooly sheep, with a couple of goats mingling and obviously annoying them. Across the road down in the valley we saw more goats just being content on the wood benches their owner had built for them. Goats want to climb. The farmer obliged.

A noticeably short but heavy rain dropped the temperature in the truck another ten degrees. What a gorgeous, exciting and peaceful drive!

We were getting hungry. No place to stop and eat. Eventually we came to a small town. The grocery store nestled deep in a wooded area appeared inviting. We put on our masks and went in only to find a small deli. They had sold out of the sub sandwiches. We bought a small carton of deli egg salad, and a half loaf of Artesian Bread, went back to the truck and found a big shade tree. There we had our delicious lunch.

Taking a wrong turn on the way home was a blessing. The Smoky Mountain Scenery glowed with magnificent splendor as it soaked up the healing of bright rays of sunshine.

Driving down the mountain we increased the air conditioning in the truck, enjoyed the music on the radio and our minds were peaceful.

Sometimes, we just need to get away from everything and allow ourselves to heal and enjoy God’s Beautiful Work of Art.

Source by Patricia A Gaines

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