How Single Moms and Regular Students Can Benefit From Financial Aid

There was a rumor going around that getting financial aid for college is not a good thing. Most people point toward the fact that obtaining student loans can be detrimental to your future. There is a way to circumvent any debt related to obtaining a college education. Here is how regular students and single moms that are going to college can obtain free money from the government.

Free money is often a pipe dream that is often touted by those trying to sell you something. If you have ever watched infomercials in the middle of the night because you are suffering from insomnia, you know what I am talking about. College is no different. Many people will present offers that will allow you to seek financial aid in the form of grants that do not have to be repaid. The difficulty is weeding through those that are legitimate and those that are not.

The way to do this is to do one of three things:

First, you can ask fellow college students or friends of yours that have been to college what services they have used in order to obtain the financial aid that they used to go to school. Many of them will have taken out loans such as the Stafford loan which have to be repaid. However, there are a handful of them that may have received grants and if they have received money than you can to.

Second, once you have located a hospital source of financial aid such as a grant, and you know that your friend has received the money, you need to ask for tips and pointers on how they were able to access this funding. Sometimes, it will come directly from the federal government courtesy of the stimulus package that has helped thousands of others.

The difficulty may be that your major is different than theirs. They may offer you other choices that they know of or, your best bet, is to talk to your financial aid counselor at your college.

Third, after you have talked to your financial aid advisor, you need to begin the process of obtaining funds that will pay for your education. This is a long and drawn out process. You have to prepare legal documents that represent your income. You need to spend at least an hour on the Internet to filling out a form to get you into the system.

But this is how single moms can benefit from financial aid:

By filling out this form, which is called the FAFSA, you will be placed into the federal system and when your financial advisor looks at your economic situation, they will be able to offer you more and more opportunities to access money that is only available to people in need.

Typically, single mothers do have a financial need. They are taking care of themselves and their families and therefore have very little money to go around. This will give you the opportunity to apply for grants and scholarships that are not available to the general public because you fit into a certain category that allows special government funding to come your way.

Start the process of deciding which college you want to go to, fill out the FAFSA, and talk to your financial advisor at your university to get you on your path to a college degree and a better career today.

Source by Felicia Ramone

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