How Student Loan Consolidation Services Can Help You

The benefits of using student loan consolidation services are varied and immediate. It provides the opportunity to make repayment easier helping the borrower to avoid default on your loan. Understanding the process is the key to getting the best results with your loan consolidation. Student loan consolidation programs allow borrowers to merge all of their outstanding loans into one large loan. If a student has separate government student loans, the student can merge them by paying them off with the single consolidation. The consolidated loan takes its place at lower rates and on a different payment schedule.

Some benefits of consolidating loans through student loan consolidation services include convenience, less paperwork with multiple loans and the ability to keep track of one payment instead of three or four. It can also save students money if done correctly. Three outstanding loans at $100 per month totals $300 per month. After using the student loan consolidation service, only one payment is required, usually at a lower interest rate. The final payment per month will generally be much lower than three separate payments at various interest rates. This can be hugely beneficial to a student who has just graduated and short on funds.

Consolidating loans offers opportunities to borrowers to negotiate deferment and repayment strategies that are not available on the original loan. When trying to find work or considering continuing educational possibility, flexibility with loan consolidation may be the key difference between struggling and having a manageable budget that is livable.

Every student is eligible for government student loan consolidation services. While there are requirements that must be met before a student can apply for consolidation. First, if you have only one loan, you have nothing to consolidate. You can’t be in default on any of your loans, and you either must still be in your six-month post-graduate grace period or have made three full payments on each of the loans you want to consolidate in order to qualify. You can consolidate either subsidized or non-subsidized loans although if you have a combination they must be separate consolidation according to law.

Looking for student loan consolidation services is not as hard as you might think. Direct Loans is a good source of information. Direct Loans provides additional information online at [] or by calling (800) 557-7392.

Consolidating your student loans is both intelligent and highly recommended after graduation. Money is tight as you try to move into the working world, and every penny counts. It behooves a student to do as much research as possible; however, it is a fundamental part of making repayment as painless as possible.

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